Friday, January 1, 2016

bulbous yellow spider

bulbous yellow spider
bearing tribal black designs
perches on red striped legs

No doubt the color and patterns on the back of this spider are meant as a warning to predators. But to me it is an amazing example of the creative artistry of nature.

in a glass vase roses

in a glass vase roses --
petals fallen -- sprouting
new leaves from cut stems

Yellow roses for a birthday ceremony have been living in a glass vase on our dining table for two weeks. Before the petals began to wither, I was surprised to see leaf buds appearing along the stems. By the time the petals fell off, new leaves began sprouting.

I have never seen this happen, cut roses growing new leaves. No roots on the cut ends. Yet water is surging up the the stems, turning to sap, feeding this revival.

Devoid of petals, the center of the blossom reveals its hidden beauty.

It seems like a miracle, but perhaps this unexpected vigor is simply the result of these roses being grown organically.

Each sunny remnant is surrounded by five sepals, like a green star. Yesterday, as the old year ended, my uncle passed away. And now, on this first day of the new year, I reflect on how life springs anew from what appears to be dead roses.