Monday, January 24, 2011

bald eagle watching

bald eagle watching
movement in the snow, the road,
takes flight when I stop

The wild turkeys are in the corn field again, though just one small group close to the road. Further on, across from the little county park with its tall pine trees, I spot a large bird in a bare tree right by the road. I slow down, thinking it must be a red-tailed hawk, but as I get closer I see the white head and tail, a bald eagle! In years past, we had to drive clear over to the Mississippi River to see them. Now they’re just down the road from home. I pull over and watch as the eagle watches trucks passing by, one van pulling out of the driveway next to the tree. But when I turn around and come back for a closer look, the eagle takes flight, swooping with outspread wings over the grove of pines.

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