Sunday, February 20, 2011

dark blue mamma clouds

dark blue mamma clouds
pendulous udders 
blushing pink at dawn

Hovering low in the west at dawn, these mamma clouds looks like the fierce Boreas with his cheeks puffed out, not the gentle Zephyr. The lobe of pendulous clouds forms the face of a lion, ready to roar and spit sleet or hail. However, these udder-like clouds are not harbingers of stormy weather, as some claim, but tend to trail after storms. Sure enough, as the bumpy blanket quickly moves on, the sky clears and the first rays of sunrise pour out from the east, bathing the blue bulges in rosy light. 
          Yet after midnight I am awakened with a jolt by a bolt of bright white light that penetrates my closed eyelids. A moment later, boom! Ah, lightning and thunder, must be Zeus making a dramatic entrance. The rain comes down hard, carving deep grooves in the gravel road, filling the creek to overflowing.

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