Sunday, May 1, 2011

a pair of wild geese

a pair of wild geese
guard their four fuzzy goslings
pecking by the pond

The big news in our neck of the woods is that a pair of Canada Geese hatched a brood of four goslings on Rusch's pond. In this photo, courtesy of Denyce, the gander stands guard on one leg while the goose takes a break from her goslings, who follow her in a line everywhere, in and out of the water. Only three of the goslings are visible near the water's edge, which may be why the gander is looking around for his wayward child. The goslings can't fly yet, but shortly after they were discovered they vanished from Rusch's pond. They were seen walking down the road. They were spotted at Jack and Ton's pond, about a quarter of a mile away. From there they relocated again, but where? Another neighbor says the parents visit their pond but he hasn't seen the babies. I have been on a wild goose chase for the past few days, with no more luck than my hunt for morels.

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