Thursday, September 8, 2011

morning mist floating

morning mist floating
downstream above the current,
two horses grazing

The day after Labor Day, everyone has gone back to work or school and Hruska's Campground on the Upper Iowa River is deserted. When I step out of our tent in the early morning, mist blankets the meadow in layers like wool roving and floats in clusters downstream, hovering just above the water like a second river. I am surprised to see three horses casually walking through the park, unfettered by fences. When they see me, they trot to the far end of the grassy area. The two white mares drop their heads to graze, but the bay keeps his head up, watchful. We watch each other until a yellow school bus rattles down the gravel road and pulls into the the driveway of the brick house across the way, red lights flashing. The horses lift their heads and canter away from the noise and lights, then break into a gallop, vanishing into the mist.

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