Friday, June 29, 2012

tender pink mallus

tender pink mallus --
curlicue stamens shading
a hot honeybee

We've been in a heat advisory for the past two days: 104 F/40 C in the shade and 84 percent humidity. Common enough conditions in some parts of the world, but extreme in June in our little corner of the Midwest. Elsewhere, raging forest fires out West and monsoon floods in India. 
          In spite of the heat, the honeybees are working the pink mallus blooming outside our front door. Back at the hive, some of the workers are fanning their wings to cool the brood chambers. Outside, there is enough of a breeze to keep our wind turbine spinning, so we stay inside our straw-clay walls, sprawled on the cool limestone floor under the whirring ceiling fan.
          Tonight, merciful thunder and lightning, promising rain.

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