Friday, July 20, 2012

in drought-stricken lawns

in drought-stricken lawns
untouched by mowers, hardy 
wildflowers blossom

Here in Iowa the high heat index warnings and drought continue, the worst since 1988. Field corn is starting to dry from the ground up, bad news for farmers.
          Grass has turned brown and brittle, so folks who routinely scalp their lawns every week have stopped mowing. Ironically, this has given hardy wildflowers like Queen Anne's Lace, bird's foot trefoil and cornflower a chance to spring up in places where they would usually be cut down. Looking like stars winking on at twilight, they blossom in profusion despite the lack of moisture.
          I'm playing a rain raga every day and turning over my Peruvian cactus rain stick to make that lovely sound of falling rain, but so far we've only gotten a tantalizing sprinkle, just enough to make splotches on the dusty cars.

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