Tuesday, August 7, 2012

wild geese sunbathing

wild geese sunbathing --
black apostrophes lined up 
along Osage Pond

Passing by Osage Pond, I do a double take when I see a black-headed goose swimming across the water with half a dozen fledglings in tow. Along the shore, another group of adult Canada Geese are lined up like black apostrophes. All the heads swivel back and forth as they watch me warily.
          It looks like they're sunbathing. But who ever heard of wild geese hanging around in the hottest part of summer? The hottest summer, too. Everything is happening out of season. Trees leafed out early and now they're turning red and dropping their leaves. And Canada Geese are migrating in midsummer. 
          Of course, this could be a transient flock that has become non-migratory, as a result of climate change and fewer predators. Maybe they raised their families on Coralville Lake and now they're visiting farm ponds on vacation. I will look for them tomorrow.
          Next day, fair-weather fowl, gone with the rain.

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