Saturday, August 30, 2014

taking a coffee break

taking a coffee break, 
leaning against a wall, head bowed
over his cell phone

During our walking excursions around Metro Vancouver, we turn off of West Cordova Street, climb a flight of stairs and enter a plaza that leads to the Burrard Inlet waterfront and cruise ship terminal. A woman sits on a large circular fountain, gazing at what looks like a double row of five sailboats lined up at the pier, each one casting a shadow on the adjoining sail. This prominent landmark is the Canada Place, a building whose roof is actually made of white fabric.
          The building next to the Canada Place looks like a cruise ship itself with many decks. I follow the winding walkway around the building and spot a cook taking a break, one foot propped against the wall, head bowed as he texts on his cell phone. He doesn't notice me taking photos, but someone inside the office building does. Pretty soon a security man comes out and tells me I can't take photos of this building. He says the whole plaza area is private. I can't believe they're afraid of someone with a camera when tourists are as thick as fleas. Anyway, I'm certainly not interested in taking photos of people sitting at desks inside a sterile office. But I just smile and walk away.

What I am interested in is people and signs of people. Fast food in Vancouver comes in a red Dim Sum Express truck.

A girl sipping a strawberry smoothie. From the names on her bag of cities around the world, I imagine that she's a world traveler who takes the advice of the signs on the restaurant behind her: Eat well, Live well, Enjoy life.

A man with lots of arm tattoos on a souped up bike with a mysterious flag.

Two ladies on a street corner.

A man sitting on the rim of a circular building smoking a cigarette.

A girl with thigh-high black stockings. 

A girl with headphones leans against a wall covered with graffiti art.

Don't ask, don't tell.

A street performer with an electric guitar.

"I'm homeless. Am a goin' crazy. Need money 4 food & beer." Also, cigarettes, soft drinks & rabbit food for his white bunny.

Have money, crazy about french fries.

Like grandfather, like grandson.

Wheelchair woman, bundled for the rain, waiting for the crosswalk light to change.

That's a woman in a bulky street worker's uniform.

Happiness is walking your dog.

And making a happy face with food at the Spaghetti Factory.

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