Wednesday, February 4, 2015

the cracked and faded

the cracked and faded
stop sign did not stop the snow
driving down the hill

More snow. Unstoppable in its driven descent. Plastering trunks and posts. In between bouts, the sun comes out, revealing what the snow has wrought.

Curving back Big Bluestem grass.

Bowing cedar boughs (is that a happy face?)

Bending twigs (stretched out like a snow caterpillar).

Gilding Silver Dollar seeds.

Making snow puppets (an old aunt or a queen ant?).

Undulating under shadows.

Burdening (sometimes breaking) branches.

Flocking fuzzy buds.

Brushing white on black.

Carving ice sculptures.

Casting snow sculptures.

And snow on squirrel sculptures!

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