Tuesday, March 22, 2016

legs bulging pollen

legs bulging pollen
honeybee plunges into
iris's sweet throat

It's officially Spring, but tomorrow the forecast calls for snow. I keep telling the flower buds, "Wait a few days!" But the ballet troop of miniature Iris already popped up through the dead leaves. Maybe they're close enough to the ground to withstand the frost. Anyway, their early appearance invites my neighbor's honeybees, who are happy to find a few sources of nectar. After plunging into each of the three throats of an Iris, one bee adds more pollen to her legs, which will pollinate the next blossom. She dances gracefully around the blossom, wrapped in yellow leg warmers, and even explores the fake flower on my hat. But she quickly decides that this pink blossom is not a bit sweet and flies away.

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