Monday, November 14, 2011

in a small pasture

in a small pasture
young bull and little black horse
grazing side by side

The miniature black horse and one of the twin bulls are cropping the long grass right by the fence, so I stop to say hello. The other bull retreats behind the brush pile when I get out of the truck, but the two by the fence continue grazing. They look up when I approach. The young bull backs off a little when I get closer, but the little black horse stands still, sniffing the air. She is shorter than the fence, so I reach over and down to scratch behind her ears where the halter rubs. Her forelock is matted with a strand of burrs. I pull some long grass and feed it to her, wishing I'd brought some apples. She consumes the grass, snuffles my hand, and then rubs the side of her head against the wire fence. The young bull, less wary now, turns his head down and licks a spot on his side. When I turn to go, they put their heads together, perhaps discussing the stranger who came by. I look back in time to catch the other bull emerging cautiously from behind the brush pile.

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