Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day thunderstorm

Labor Day thunderstorm --
bedraggled squirrel resting in the
handicapped parking

Labor Day, a day of rest from work. I wake to the raucous sound of our weather alert radio: Severe Thunderstorm Watch. Sure enough, torrents of wind and rain, hard enough to bring down dead branches. But then the sky clears to a bright end-of-summer blue with a beginning-of-autumn bite in the air. I go early to the indoor pool, figuring most folks will be eager to use their last chance to play outdoors, only to find the high school girl's swim team hard at work, taking up three of the four lap lanes.
          On the way into the Aquatic Center, I spot a wet and muddy fox squirrel resting on the wooden railing next to the blue and white handicapped parking only sign. The bedraggled critter seems immobilized. It doesn't even raise its head when I stop a few feet away to take photos for several minutes. With its tail hanging straight down, the squirrel really does look handicapped. Or maybe it's just keeping the custom of rest on Labor Day.

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