Wednesday, July 6, 2016

curving back in bursts

curving back in bursts
of blue red white supernovas
this calm summer night

We arrive on the northwest side of Pleasant Lake for the July 4th celebration in the late evening. Good thing we came while it is still light because we have to wade through boot-sucking mud. Most folks are sitting on blankets or camp chairs on the beach on the southwest end of the lake, but I want an unobstructed view for my camera. While I set up the tripod, mosquitoes bump against my face, thankfully discouraged by herbal repellent. Then we wait for it to get dark. Suddenly, the sky across the lake bursts with sound and light, shimmering reflections in the water.

The finale comes all too soon, a cacophony of rapid-fire multiple explosions layered one on top of the other. Then silence. Is it over? The crowd at the end of the lake cheers and claps. Yes, it's over for another year. We turn on our flashlights and slog back along the swampy path, eyes and ears still dazzled by the show.

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