Sunday, July 10, 2016

Queen Anne's lace curving

Queen Anne's lace curving
down, droplets beading long stems --
soft sweet summer rain

Just as I open the door to walk to the mailbox, a gentle rain is falling. Good time for a stroll in the cool freshness under a big blue and yellow umbrella. Along the road a patch of Queen Anne's Lace bend and sway, rain drops beading along the long stems.

Other wildflowers with thin stems are also stooping almost to the ground.

While the sturdy stems of milkweed stand erect. Sadly, I have seen nary a Monarch butterfly this year.

Bee balm in bloom now, but of course the honeybees are holed up in their hives during the downpour.

A lone wild rose blossom, dappled with rain drops.

Trees are also producing flowers, dangling beneath a canopy of wet leaves.

I feel like I'm walking in the jungle, such profusion of greenness, glistening, wet, wild, like this wild grape vine.

Everything is in a hurry to grow, grow, grow, soak up the rain into the roots, make chlorophyll with the ever-expanding leaves while the sun shines, produce flowers, bear seeds, now, now, now!

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