Tuesday, March 15, 2011

coils of abandoned

coils of abandoned
barbed wire rusting in the dead grass –
retreat for rabbits

The farmer puts up barbed wire fences to keep stock from wandering away, but for some reason abandoned this roll of fencing at the corner between field and road. The snarl of sharp, rusted wire would be avoided by most creatures, but the farmer has unwittingly provided a shelter for rabbits, a place of safety from predators. In one of the Uncle Remus tales, when trickster Br’er Rabbit was caught and threatened with death by Br’er Bear, he pleaded, “Please don’t throw me in that brier patch.” And then when Br’er Bear did just that, Br’er Rabbit leaped among the sharp thorns, saying, “I was born and raised in a brier patch!”

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