Thursday, March 17, 2011

trio of migrant

trio of migrant
Mallards on a shallow pond,
dip, upend, dabble

Today the lone duck on Osage Pond is joined by two more ducks. With the sun fully up, I see that they are all Mallards. The drakes are quite colorful: iridescent green head, white neckband, yellow bill, brown chest, gray body and black rump. The smaller female is mottle brown with a black bill. He only spot of color is a patch of iridescent purplish-blue bordered by white on her wings. To feed, they dip their heads and completely upend in the water. The female follows directly behind her bigger mate at a discrete distance of one wing span, turning and dabbling in tandem. The lone drake stays half a pond away from the couple. By late afternoon he is alone on the pond once more.

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