Saturday, March 5, 2011

light dusting of snow

light dusting of snow
on dark furrowed fields – wild geese
sleeping on pond bank

Rain yesterday – some of the big flock of Canada Geese on Osage Pond are feeding in the adjoining corn field. What does genetically modified corn grown with herbicides and pesticides do to their systems? In the middle of Cattail Pond, one lone pair of geese is riding out the rain. A light freeze last night put down a thin glaze of ice. In the early morning a small phalanx of eight geese wing northeast in a check mark formation. Time to move on. Then the snow begins, tiny pellets dusting the ground, highlighting the furrows in the dark tilled fields. A few geese are sleeping on the bank of the small pond, heads tucked under, but the big pond is completely empty.

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