Sunday, April 17, 2011

Andean musicians


Andean musicians,
masters of many instruments,
play with all their heart

These two musicians entertain us with pre-Columbian huaynos as we dine at a restaurant in Urubamba. They call their group Pachamama, the Earth Mother. Their lively, rhythmic music is both earthy and heavenly, interwoven with the pulsating vibrations from their hearts. Yuri is playing zamponas, pan pipes, and the guitar at the same time. He also plays a traditional wooden flauta, flute. His partner is playing a wankara, a large drum made from a hollowed tree trunk covered with stretched goatskin, formerly used in battles. Andean musicians use a wide range of  instruments with melodious names: bastos, maltas, chilles, quenas, quenachos, chacchas, okarinas, charango, pitos, phunas, digeridoos, yembes, pututus.

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