Thursday, December 15, 2011

a family of shoes

a family of shoes 
nestled in a corner --
where are the three bears?

Goldilocks has been walking for such a long time in the forest that her black slippers have gotten holes in the soles and her tender little feet are bruised from stepping on stones. She's tired and hungry. 
          After awhile she comes to the home of the Three Bears. She knocks on the door, three times, each time a little louder, but no one answers. Wearily she plops down on the front stoop, takes off her slippers and rubs her sore feet. 
          Then she notices three pairs of shoes next to the door. "No one would go walking in the forest without shoes to protect their feet," she says to herself. "Maybe no one lives here anymore, so no one will mind if I borrow a pair of shoes so I can walk home."
          First she tries on the biggest pair of shoes because they look roomy, but when she tries to walk, the big shoes flop around and slip off. "These shoes are too big," she says.
          Next she tries on the red high heel pumps because they're so pretty, but when she tries to walk, she totters and falls down, bumping her knees. "These shoes are too high," she says. 
          Finally, she tries on the smallest pair of shoes, the pink ones with the high tops. They fit perfectly and when she walks around they don't fall off and she doesn't fall down. "These shoes are just right," she says. "Now I'm ready to walk home, but first I'll just sit in the sun here and rest my feet for a few minutes."
          Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear have been out picking blackberries. Of course, they wouldn't wear their good shoes to tramp around among the brambles and get them all scratched up by thorns. Besides, their feet have thick soles and are covered with fur and don't need protection, so they only wear shoes to be fashionable. 
          When the three bears come home, they find a little girl with curly golden hair curled up on their front stoop, fast asleep. On her little feet are a pair of pink high tops and in her hands are a pair of black slippers.
          "The poor thing," Mama Bear says. "Her slippers are all worn out."
          "But she's wearing my pink high tops!" Baby Bear wails.
          "How dare she!" roars Papa Bear.
          When Goldilocks hears Papa Bear roar, she wakes up with a start. She's so frightened she jumps up and runs away. But she forgot to tie the laces on Baby Bear's high tops and they go flying off her feet. Goldilocks runs so fast that her feet don't even touch the ground as she flies swift as a bird all the way home.

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