Tuesday, June 17, 2014

all things Italian

all things Italian --
ravioli, cannoli, gelato,
yellow Bugatti,
Verdi, zampogne, Madonnari,
Commedia and cantastorie

Every June our town square transforms into Little Italy for an entire Saturday. Hosted by SOFIA with all volunteer help, this year's festival featured a Bugatti Grand Prix racing car (with original engine), Madonnari artists painting copies of Renaissance art with pastels on the street, marble carving, street musicians, zampogne (Italian bagpipe), Verdi and Donizetti arias, talks on St. Francis and Michelangelo, puppets, folk dancers, Commedia dell' Arte theater, cantastorie (Sicilian comic drama), jugglers, acrobats, paintings and photographs of Italy, face painting, and, of course, food -- ravioli, pizza, cannoli, gelato and il vino. The weather was perfect and so there was un sacco di gente, in all sizes, shapes and costumes. 

Master Iowa pastel landscape artist, John Preston.

Master stained glass artist Lynn Durham, from Vero Beach, Florida.

Sean Folsom playing the zampogne, an Italian bagpipe.

Making cannoli, sprinkled with either pistachio or chocolate chips. Yum!

A Met opera tenor reviews his score for a Verdi aria.

The grand opera finale.

A troupe of acrobats.

Lots of spontaneous dancing to the music from the bandstand.

Folk dancing.

A very young and very enthusiastic dancer.

Playing on the bronze Coop statue.

Waiting in the line for gelato.

Dressed for the festivities.

Pink cat face on a pretty pink cheek.

A man with a Mohawk holds a little girl in a fancy costume.

Enjoying the dancers.

Dressed to kill!

Sharing secrets.

More secrets!

Is that a real pacifier?!

Yum, these fingers taste good too!

Yay, a SALE!

Io sono genuini italiani!

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