Friday, June 20, 2014

smiling through his long

smiling through his long
red-white beard the old hippie
cradles art in his hands

After our morning walk in Saanich Forest Preserve, we eat lunch at the Rock Salt Cafe.

Where I enjoy a delicious bowl of curry.

Looking out the window I see what looks like an orange abstract painting on top of a little yellow table in a small courtyard enclosed by a wooden fence painted magenta with a sky blue railing. In addition to the vivid play of colors, the vertical boards, table leg and stripes on the "painting" make a pleasing contrast with the horizontal railing and the shadows falling across the table top. 

After lunch, the girls all scatter to the many small gift shops nearby, while I wander down to the wharf.That's where I see a man with long white hair and beard streaked with red striding along the boardwalk toward the ferry in a brown cloak and wide-brimmed hat. By the time I run down to the ferry waiting room, he's disappeared. But he doesn't board the ferry because he turns up a little while later on the corner near the cafe, holding two tiny trees he's made with wrapped wire. A cheerful old hippie, he's happy to pose for photos. When I compliment him on his hooded cloak, he tells me that all of his clothes were given to him. We all admire his artwork, which he displays lovingly on his outstretched hands, though he doesn't even try to sell them. How much? Whatever you'd like to donate. Susan buys the gold one and he seems almost reluctant to part with it.

Later, we drive to Ganges, one of the main harbors on Salt Spring Island.

Again the girls take off to go shopping, while Nikki and I tour the many art galleries.

In a gallery devoted to First Nations art, I especially love this wood carving of the sun. Another gallery features exquisite glassware and ceramics.

On the way back to the World Peace House, we pass a charming chapel built with a mosaic of stones, standing all by itself on the side of the road, a lovely work of architecture.

And so ends another enchanting day on this enchanting island.

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