Saturday, June 4, 2011

summer-hot spring night

summer-hot spring night
art walk, flying leap walking
art, two novel works

Early June, feels like August. Afternoon sun cooked the rain-soaked ground, steaming the air. First Friday of the month, so everyone turns out for Art Walk on the town square. Several bands in the bandstand, lots of food vendors, street vendors, all the galleries open. At The Crest Jewel, an exhibit of Rachel's unique handmade felt hats draws a crowd, or maybe it's the artist, immobile as a mannequin, wired into a fantastic costume. Though skimpy, the wool must be quite hot in the narrow shop packed with sweaty bodies. Rachel takes a break to climb the narrow flight of stairs to Flying Leap, where there's an exhibit on time travel, to show her futuristic outfit to Donna, the owner, who's wearing her own unique version of walking art.

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